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Our company invites you during 5 - 6 hours on board of Fregata , Aegyssus, Europolis- ships with sunny decks, air - conditioned restaurants, bar and kitchen - to join us on the route: Tulcea - channel 36 - channel Şontea - lake “Nebunu” and return.


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s.c. EUROPOLIS s.a.

S.C. ”Europolis” S.A. is a private company that provides to its guests touristic services of  lodging, meals and transportation as it follows:
 -  Europolis Hotel (***) with 125 beds, located in Tulcea village, Pacii Street no.20;
 - Europolis Touristic Complex - located on the banks of the “Casla” lake;
 - Floating Hotel Europolis (****) with 16 beds, located in Danube Delta, Obretin-Crisan zone;
 - Restaurants with a total 350 seats;
 - Nautic Park with follow ships:  “Fregata” and " Aegyssus"  - 70 seats each,"Europolis" -80 seats, "Dumbravita" - 40 seats and "Privighetoarea-30 seats.
 - Trips to the "Casla" lake with „Europolis 1 – 5”catamarans with 20 - 50 seats.
 - Trips into the Danube Delta;